After three years of extensive market studies BPGIC was incorporated in 2013 in Fujairah’s Free Zone in UAE. BPGIC’s activities cover: Liquid bulk product storage (Crude oil, Fuel oil, Refined Oil products, blending components and gas), Building, Managing, Investment in refineries, Extraction and Exploration of Crude oil.

BPGIC is governed by the Board of Directors , all reputed professionals with extensive track record in the Oil and Gas Industry. The Board is primarly responsible for setting the strategy of BPGIC and for the general management and overview of strategic, operational and financial decisions.

The Board has set up an Executive Committee (EXCOM) to monitor the implementation of the companies Mission and Vision, Company Strategy and Business Development both in the UAE and globally.

Since our foundation in 2013 BPGIC is known for the forward thinking approach to challenges the oil and gas sector has experienced and finding solutions by adapting latest technologies and operational processes. We are strongly committed to operating in a environmental safe manner that respects our diverse workforce, our valued customers, our neighbouring companies and the community at large.

Nicolaas L. Paardenkooper,
BPGIC General Manager

For general inquiries, please reach us at:

Email: info@bpgic.com

Main Office (Fujairah Terminal):
Tel: 09-201-6666
Fax: 09-201-6699
P.O. Box: 50170
Location: Al-Sodah, Khorr Fakkan Road

Abu Dhabi Office contact:
Tel: 02-633-3149
Fax: 02-633-3152
Location: 4th Floor, Al-Sayegh Building, Hamdan Street

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BPGIC is committed to providing the best in class service to the oil majors and global oil & gas traders with continious premium financial results to our valued stakeholders.



To deliver sustainable services by forward thinking approach to challenges and finding suitable solutions by adapting latest technologies and lean operations processes.