Fujairah Terminal

The BPGIC terminal in Fujairah is located within the Fujaiarah Industrial Oil Zone and its current capacity of 398,600m³ can store Clean Petroleum Products , Middle Distillates and Fuel oil in dedicated product systems. Construction for an additional 601,600m³ storage capacity on the same location for Crude oil will be started shortly with completion in Q4 2019.

The terminal location is on prime land and just 500 meters away from Matrix Manifold 2 allowing for connections to tanker berths in the Port of Fujairah and neighboring terminals in Fujairah.



The BPGIC Terminal in Fujairah excels in:
1. Higher flow rates than its competitors with flow rates up to 4,500m³ per hour.

2. BPGIC has six dock lines to MM2 allowing for multiple and simultaneous operations to and from the berths and neighboring companies.

3. The facility allows for up to eleven simultaneous product operations.

4. The facility is only 500 meters away from MM2.

5. Terminal has convertible tanks for white and black oil enabling fast product swap as per customers’ requirement.

6. Terminal has a DCS system and fully segregated manifolds allowing for minimum risks of product contamination.

7. Product blending can even take place when tanks are filled with less product and each tank has three blending nozzles, on low, middle and high level.

8. Dedicated Customer Service Officer per Customer to ensure excellent level of direct communication.

9. Direct web access for customers to enter orders and monitor their operations on real time basis.

Overall Capacity:
398,600 m³
Product Storage Tanks:
14 Nos
Tank Type:
Above Ground, Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roof
Tank Configurations:
12,464 m³ x 4 nos; 30,536 m³ x 6 nos; 41,563 m³ x 4 nos
Black Oil & Clean Products
Clean Products Capacity*:
30,536 m³ x 6 nos; 12,464 m³ x 2 nos
Black Products Capacity*:
41,563 m³ x 4 nos ; 12,464 m³ x 4 nos
Tank Heating:
41,563 m³ x 4 nos
Inter Floating Roof:
Available for all WO & Blending Tanks
Ocean Going Vessel, Pipeline Transfer / Receipt
No of Simultaneous Operations:
Storage, Blending, Heating, Additive Injection
Jetty Lines:
2 x 24” (WO), 2 x 30” (BO)
WO Pumping / Receiving Capacity:
2,500 m³ (1 x 24”); 2,500 m³ (1 x 24”)
BO Pumping / Receiving Capacity:
4,500 m³ (2 x 30”)
Stripping System:
500 m³ x 2 ( VFD ) + 20 m³ x 2 ( Fine Stripping lines )
500 m³ ( VFD ) + 20 m³ ( Fine Stripping lines )
Additional Process Safety Features:
Overfill Protection system for all Tanks as per API 2350
High level of Process Automation to mimimize errors
All critical manual valves equipped with Key Interlock System
All Electrical System automated with ABB Power Management System

* Terminal has the flexibility to convert four of the BO tanks ( 41,563 m³ x 4 ) to WO and WO tanks ( 30,536 m³ x 6) to BO as per requirement.