BPGIC is committed to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement, operational excellence and in time delivery of quality products while demonstrating the HSSE importance through hands on leadership and behaviour. We aim to have a performance with HSSE as a top priority to implement a culture of safety, motivating our employees and provide our operations with appropriate resources to achieve the objective and to earn the confidence of clients, customers, and society, to be a good neighbour by reinforcing the trust.


Brooge Petroleum Gas and Investment Company LLC is committed to the safe and efficient operation of its Facilities. BPGIC strives to prevent all accidents, incidents, hazards to staff and surrounding community and to protect the environment by:

1. Compliance to all applicable laws and regulations and to apply international best practices where standards are not available.
2. Promoting HSSE culture at all levels in the BPGIC organization and to manage this culture similarly as any other critical business activity.
3. Providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and contractors with adequate facilities and protective assets and equipment.
4. Identifying and analysing potential hazards and security risks and implement mitigating control measurements to avoid, control and restrict the associated risks.
5. Operating a sound HSSE management system, where competencies , accountabilities, responsibilities and communication channels are clearly outlined.
6. Being prepared for a swift and efficient response to emergency situations to mitigate the impact or potential impact if they may occur.
7. Designing, building, maintaining and utilize services in such a manner that they are safe to operate avoiding the risk of hazards to people and the environment.
8. Using the natural resources and energy efficiently, preventing pollution and raising the employees and contractors awareness to minimize the adverse impact on the environment.
9. Providing training and job specific education to all employees based on international standards, procedures and instructions.
10. Setting challenging targets and benchmarks on BPGIC’s performance to achieve a continuous improvement ensuring compliance with all applicable standards.
The management will visibly and rigorously support the implementation of this policy.
We expect the support of all employees, contractors and others working for BPGIC terminal enabling BPGIC’s HSSE performance one which will earn us the continuous confidence of our customers, neighbouring companies and the community at large.

BPGIC is committed to minimize the impacts of its operations on environment and conducts its business in such a way as to minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

BPGIC aim to contribute to making a safer environment and ensure environmental issues remain a focal point and receive proper attention.

We seek the implementation of proactive measures to help protect environment & strive to continually improve performance against targets associated with significant environmental aspects and to comply with relevant environmental legislation.

BPGIC is committed to using resources in a manner to promote sustainable development, meet sustainability goals and targets and promote innovation. Ensuring the development of sustainable facilities in both design and operation & promoting sustainability to minimizing the environmental impact by ensuring compliance with local legislation.

As part of corporate strategy, BPGIC believes to deliver high class services through standardizing and continual improvement of processes in order to increase the overall organizational performance.